Class Struggle Left of capital

  • Lessons from strikes, labour struggles and internationalist tasks
    Chained workers!
    Opponents of wage slavery!
    The right and left tendencies of capital, given their enormous resources, are able to engineer public opinion. Internationalists in absolute isolation defend proletarian positions and goals. Help us to reach out our vision, narratives and horizons of the struggles and strikes of the working class to our class sisters and brothers.

  • Discrediting the revolutionaries only serves the interests of the capital state
    Along with these propaganda machines, we see another kind of discrediting of communists and revolutionaries. These creatures are keen to claim that Lenin was a German spy or that Trotsky was a double agent, while sinisterly pointing out that Marx was Jewish. While Marx has indeed been the recipient of the most heinous slander, it has been claimed that the international communist current has been shaped by the CIA, and... Well, you can make this a very long list.

  • Street protests amid the barbarity of capitalism - The only alternative is class struggle
    In Jordan, in early June 2018, a wave of protests took to the streets in protest at high levels of inflation and unemployment along with the austerity policy of the Jordanian government. Following this, in protest at the excessive water and electricity costs and unemployment levels, street protests started in Basra and rapidly extended to the southern and central provinces of Iraq.These Iraqi protests have not yet subsided, while a new round of street protests sprung up in the cities of Iran in response to price increases and inflation.

  • Internationalist Voice Responds
    “Do you believe that if the Communist Left somehow was not able to survive, the party would not have been formed, the workers would not have been able to carry out the revolution and the world would be destroyed? Do you believe that the existence of an international, centralized revolutionary political organization is vital for the success of the future revolution?”

  • The Intensification of Imperialist Tensions - Only the Working Class can Offer a Future
    On 8 May 2018, in a peaceful gesture, Trump announced that the United States would withdraw from the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA) so that Iran would be unable to develop nuclear weapons and endanger peace and security. He also announced that he would apply tough sanctions against Iran, sanctions that have not previously been recorded in history, to force Iran to make a “just” agreement with the United States. Trump evaluated the JCPOA deal as “the worst deal.” If we examine the rhetoric of Trump, the rupture of the JCPOA by the US is not related to a nuclear Iran but, rather, it shows that the US, along with its allies in the region, no longer recognizes Iran’s role as a regional power and, furthermore, it demonstrates the US emphasis on its hegemony over its rivals: China, Russia and the European Union.

  • Fidel Castro was a Hero of the Bourgeoisie!
    Fidel Castro, the Cuban leader, died on 25 November 2016 at the age of 90. Castro’s death was met with headlines such as “the death of the leader of the Cuban communist revolution”, “the death of the leader of the communist government of Cuba” and so. The left of capital praised the “legendary” character of the commander of the revolution and touched on his contributions to the development of socialism in Cuba, on Castro’s anti-imperialist struggles and on his internationalist efforts in the struggle for socialism.

  • Maoism, the Real Child of Stalinism
    New pamphlet out now!
    A pamphlet about Maoism from an internationalist perspective.

  • Street protests over capitalist barbarism and internationalist positions
    A wave of street protests that began on December 28th 2017 in Mashhad spread rapidly throughout the country. Latent anger flamed out and thousands of people with the same fate came together and the protests became a roaring river. The unbridled suppression of the police state could not stop the protests, but instead they spread to other cities. The waves of this political earthquake interweaved from North to South, West to East and the political atmosphere was shaken up following the protests.

  • The ideas and lessons of the October Revolution are immortal!
    The best celebration of the October Revolution is, insist on the ideas and goals of the October Revolution, to fight for the realization of the communist revolution. Let once again a spectre haunting, the spectre of the Communist Revolution. Let once again the bourgeois class of the spectre of the communist revolution shake. We have nothing to lose, but our chains and the world to win. Communism, a society in which exploitation of man by man has no meaning, is the only horizon of humanity.

  • The escalation of imperialist tensions between North Korea and the US and Internationalist Positions
    In recent days, imperialist tensions have intensified between the United States and North Korea and have become war atmosphere, with the danger of war rising. This time, Gangster democrats are supposed to bring another proxy war, again under the title of the World Peace, under the title of the Humanitarian Aid, to massacre the millions of people and working class in North Korea, South Korea and other countries in the region. This time, in order to ensure the hegemony of the United States, a bath of blood should be run in the Far East.

  • Labour Day (May 1st), has been captured by the bourgeoisie - Long live the Communist Revolution!
    The International Labour Day had been celebrated by various type of the left of capital in the past many years. For years, different type of the ruling class with some groups of the left, who, in the real life, representing the capitalism, misleading and rising false flag to show that they are defending the interests of proletariat to put some makeup on the face of barbarity of capitalism. In the mean time, those who are hiding themselves under the radical slogans and "red flag" trying to cover the situation of the modern slavery of the capital.

  • The ideas and lessons of the Paris Commune are immortal!
    The brutal massacre of communards in the bloody week and the red flag that was engraved on the cobblestone streets in the blood of the communards, revealed the myth of the democracy and civilization of the bourgeoisie…The aim of the proletariat is to pull down the bourgeois civilization, a civilization that gave legality to wage slavery, and replace it with its own civilization, in which not only the guillotine, death and destruction do not exist, but also where there is no sign of wage slavery.

  • Syria - Anarchism in the service of an imperialist war
    If anarchists just dealt with anti-Marxist propaganda and did not encourage workers to slaughter in the imperialist war, it would be important as a critical tendency... This is not the first time that anarchists encourage workers to act as bourgeois cannon fodder.

  • 8 March - The emancipation of women is only possible in a communist society
    The root of the oppression of women is not the oppressive characteristics of men - it is rather rooted in the class system and capitalist relations of production. Only with the elimination of all material aspects of the capitalist relations of production and wage slavery system will this oppression also disappear.

  • The working class still is the only revolutionary class!
    The myth of the disappearance of the working class as a class and creator of human blessings, and the formation of the “middle class” with its relative welfare is only a part of demagogical propaganda of the bourgeois ideologists against the sleeping giant.

  • The bourgeois alternative to the continuation of capital accumulation
    In the margin of the reformists victory in the presidential election of Iran

  • Syria - War of gangsters, Crimes against humanity
    Why is such barbarism taking place in Syria?

  • Copyright and Internationalist Position
    An Introduction to Persian translation of testament of Amadeo Bordiga
    According to the internationalists, copyright is a bourgeois defense of one of the most sacred principles of capitalism, namely, the right to property. Communists do not believe in proprietorship in any of its forms. Stamping the copyright logo on revolutionary and communist literature is in direct conflict with the primary duty of communists, namely their tireless efforts in promoting and developing the internationalist and communist positions. Internationalist Voice does not stamp copyright on its texts.

  • The riots of the marginalized highlight the bankruptcy of capitalism
    Only class struggle can offer a perspective for the future!

    Capitalism is the source of all the injustice and inequality in society and its stench and filth has spread everywhere. Capitalism is the cause of our hellish life. Instead of blind protest directed towards the poor and disadvantaged neighbourhoods, our attack should be directed towards the filthy capitalist system and its organs. Our protest should be in solidarity with the working class and the other poor layers of society and it should strengthen the spirit and solidarity of the classes

  • Without first pulling down capitalism, the Islamic Republic cannot be prosecuted
    The history of Islamic bourgeoisie is filled with blood. The rule of God on earth was born in blood, and with blood was able to stabilize itself. In the 1980s tens of thousands of protesters were imprisoned in chains and tens of thousands of political prisoners were massacred. The Islamic bourgeoisie, with its repressive and octopus-like apparatus, imposed the most unimaginable physical and mental torture on political prisoners.

  • Imperialist tensions between Iran and Democrat gangsters -
    Internationalist Positions and Duties

    The conflict between large and small gangs and their instigating wars are rooted in the upsidedown system of capitalism...Different gangs of capital want to use us as cannon fodder in their imperialist tensions. For us all gangs of the bourgeoisie are reactionary to the same degree. Our interest lies only in class struggle, as it is the ghost of class struggle that the bourgeoisie fears most of all, as, in its evolutionary process, it leads to the revolutionary destruction of capitalist states.

  • Lessons of the Protests and Strikes of the Petrochemical Industries
    Strengthen of independent of the ranks of the proletariat; rely on the class power of the working class and lessons and rubbing of democratic illusions, are lessons that should be take from these battles and intensifying of the class struggle is the perspective that facing the working. Because it is the ghost of class struggle that the bourgeoisie fear most of all, because the terrain of class struggle leading to the revolutionary destruction of the capitalist state in all countries. We don’t have anything to lose but our chains and a world to win!

  • Libya – War a Continuation of the New World Order
    Once again conscience of democrats could not tolerate killing of innocent people in the Libya. Once again clement hearts of democrats were hurt of intensity of Gaddafi’s crimes. Once again brutality of Gaddafi raised the solidarity of democrats. Once again democrats are determined to protect the people of Libya. Once again democrats are spending millions of dollars in their “humanitarian war”, and they coded the name of their war “humanitarian”. What deceit and lies!

  • The proletariat of Baku need to refer to its historical memory
    Once, the proletariat of Baku, the exploited giant, this sleeping giant, was awake. Once the proletariat of Baku, as a part of the world proletariat especially in the years 1905 and 1917, had a guiding role and was a pioneer of world Communist Revolution. Yet reactionaries were not successful to promot the ethnic hatred between Armenians and Azeris. Once, time the reactionary Ottoman and Russian stats provoked the bloody and dirty war between Azeri and Armenian, in their reactionary interests and tried to act Azeri and Armenian workers as canon fodder in their imperialist interests.

  • Revolt in Arabic countries (Region) - Capitalism is nothing but barbarism for Humanity
    The revolt of wage slaves, hungry, oppressed victims, those downtrodden of community in Arabic countries and seeing their heroic, their street battles, have been rejoiced the enthusiasm of their class brothers and sisters around the world. Mass protest to this mess and upside down world and wishing another world is indeed a very glorious and inspiring other wage slaves and hungry around the world would like to do.

  • Budget deficit crisis is an indication of the bankruptcy of the capitalism
    The current budget deficit crisis, in all the capitalist states, is indication of the bankruptcy of capitalism. This has been the cause of attacking working class’s living standard around the world. It is not the peripheral states of the capitalism that are bleeding, but its most economically developed countries, the metropolitan states. Economists and ideologues of the free market have noticed the huge indebtedness of the leading superpowers.

  • Two movements, Two perspectives, Intensifying of the class struggle is the only alternative
    In the case of people protests and movements if the working class dissolve itself in the Democratic and libertarian movements, it will not weaken the bourgeoisie but the proletariat itself.

  • Class struggle is the only alternative for working class
    Capitalism is the origin of all misery and adversity in the world. Our interest is not in; to change rolling class as it happened 1979 without in class struggle and our aim must be directed to destroying whole capitalist system. This is only possible from an internationalist perspective. We don’t have anything to lose but our chains and a world to win!

 Immigrants and Internationalism

  • Against the xenophobic attacks of the bourgeoisie we should rise up to defend our class brothers and sisters!
    The working class in its struggle to defend its class identity cannot ignore the exploitation of class brothers and sisters who are of “immigrant” origin and consider the “immigrant” workers the cause of its unemployment, misery, less salary etc.

  • Advancing of anti-immigrants and Internationalist Positions
    Bourgeoisie tries to divide the working class to break down its class unity, to exploit the proletariat better. Native workers against “immigrant” workers, black against white, Asians to Europeans, Spaniards against the Americans and so on. Nevertheless, no matter what color our skin is or what language we speak, we have a common characteristic that we belong to the working class, and nation is foreign to us. Therefore, we are raising our voice and say, class against class.

 Revolutionary Organisations & Class Consciousness
 The necessary criteria for a political debate

  • Third correspondence with Klasbatalo
    We see only an allegation, not a serious political criticism. We have told before and we repeat again, we believe a serious criticism of the practice of the Klasbatalo, will not weaken the Klasbatalo, but also will strengthen the Klasbatalo and this in its turn will also contribute to the strengthening of the proletarian values and principles. For the last time we urge you to such criticism.

  • Second correspondence with Klasbatalo
    We believe that influence of bourgeois and petty-bourgeois ideologies is the main enemy not only to the working class but also to its political currents. We believe, tireless duties of internationalists should be to strive to strengthen the proletarian values and principles.

  • First correspondence with Klasbatalo
    For us Left Communism is not only some “Political Positions” but also the principles and values of the proletariat. To eliminate the influence of bourgeois and petty-bourgeois ideologies, tireless duties of internationalists should be to strive to strengthen the proletarian values and principles which are a reflection of proletarian class consciousness.