Debate is vital, necessary and crucial to the internationalists. The revolutionary movement cannot take the effective steps unless the internationalists play a dynamic rule to development this movement. This is only possible through the discussion and confrontation of different view point within the Proletarian Political Milieu.

 Polemics with other Internationalist Currents  Polemics with the International Communist Current
 In Defence of Marxism

  • Stop Discrediting the Communist Left!
    Throughout the history of the labour movement, adventurism has created a dilemma when it comes to organizing the working class and its political tendencies. Adventurists, in line with their sense of adventure and goals, have repeatedly tried to approach the proletarian political milieu with the intention of creating ambiguity, either politically or organizationally, by creating circles or influencing the political milieu. Their actions create a barrier so that militants approaching proletarian positions cannot reach the real communist positions or be absorbed by the communist currents.

  • The Symphony of Disgrace
    On 27 June 2019, the IGCL announced that the Internationalist Voice has long been in love with it. It was also revealed that the Internationalist Voice has been sending love letters to it for a long time, using romantic terms such as “dear”. The IGCL, in the style of Hollywood stars, surprised everyone by unveiling its new love.
    Movement of Love
    Movement of the Oppressed
    Movement of Stigma
    Movement of Provocation

  • Polemic with the International Communist Current: Excuses of Revolutionary Publication
    Again, the Culture Of Debate
    Ideological Commitment
    Reducing Its Role to the Level of Revolutionary Publishing
    The Excuses of Revolutionary Publishing
    Reversing the Positions of the Internationalist Voice
    Workers’ Self-management Means the Continuation of Wage Slavery
    Workers’ Councils
    Independent Workers’ Struggle
    Basic Positions

  • Polemic with the International Communist Current: Revolutionary Organization or the Revolutionary Publication?
    1. Introduction
    2. Class consciousness
    2.1 Class Consciousness Is a Product of the Working Class’ Own Struggle
    2.2 Class Consciousness Would Have to Be Injected into the Working Class
    2.3 Differences Between Ideology and Class Consciousness
    3. Revolutionary Organizations During the Capitalism Era
    3.1 During the Upward Phase of Capitalism
    3.2 During the Decadence Phase of Capitalism
    3.2.1 The View of Substitution Within the Working Class
    3.2.2 The View of a Mass Party Within the Working Class
    3.2.3 The Example of Poland and the Absence of the Revolutionary Organization
    4. The Tasks for Today’s Revolutionaries
    5. The Question of Factionalism
    6. Organization’s view of the German and Dutch left
    6.1 Organizational Retreat of the German-Dutch Left
    6.2 Death of Gorter and the Disappearance of the German and Dutch Left
    6.3 Rühle and the German-Dutch Left
    7. The Organization’s View of the Italian Communist Left
    8. The Emergence of Councilism
    9. The Danger with the Question of Organization
    9.1 The Danger of Substitutionsim
    9.2 The Danger of Councilism
    10 The Party and Its Relation to Class
    11. The Revolutionary Organization’s Role and Responsibilities
    11.1 During the Rise of Capitalism
    11.2 In the Decadence Period of Capitalism
    11.3 Historical and International Dimensions of the Revolutionary Organization
    11.4 Activity of the Revolutionary Organization
    11.5 Revolutionary Goals of the Organization
    12. Defending the Proletarian Nature of the Revolutionary Organization
    13. Consequences of the Ambiguities of the ICC Regarding Class Consciousness and the Revolutionary Organization
    14. Conclusion

  • Polemic with the International Communist Current: Working Class or the Masses?
    Culture of debate
    Critique of the Weak Link Theory
    Metropolis and Periphery
    Street Popular Protests
    Contexts and Perspectives of Popular Protests
    Disregard for Popular Protests or Proletarian Perspectives
    Popular Street Protests Against Clergy
    Shadow of Nationalism Over Popular Protests
    Protests Against Trade Unions
    False Division Between Protest and Strike
    Going Off the Rails of the Internationalist Voice
    Suppression or Class Consciousness
    Avoid an Answer
    Yellow Vests Movement
    The Class Struggle and the ICC

  • Street protests amid the barbarity of capitalism - The only alternative is class struggle
    In Jordan, in early June 2018, a wave of protests took to the streets in protest at high levels of inflation and unemployment along with the austerity policy of the Jordanian government. Following this, in protest at the excessive water and electricity costs and unemployment levels, street protests started in Basra and rapidly extended to the southern and central provinces of Iraq.These Iraqi protests have not yet subsided, while a new round of street protests sprung up in the cities of Iran in response to price increases and inflation.

  • Two movements, Two perspectives, Intensifying of the class struggle is the only alternative
    In the case of people protests and movements, if the working class dissolves itself into the democratic and libertarian movements, it will not weaken the bourgeoisie but the proletariat itself.

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