Political criteria for texts that could be published here are the following:
  • Recognition of Marxist doctrine and methodology such as the theory of the proletariat.
  • The recognition of the October Revolution as a proletarian revolution.
  • Reject without any reservations the left of capital: Stalinists, Maoists, Trotskyists and official anarchists etc represents the political apparatus of capital.
  • The unreserved rejection of state capitalism and self-management.
  • Recognition of the necessity of the historic Internationalist Communist Party, the indispensable weapon for the victory of the Communist Revolution.

 Left of Capital  Texts from Internationalists

  • Left Communism or the Left of Capital!
    In 1979, with introducing petty bourgeoisie anti-imperialist deceived the working class. Now trying to make the green movement as a radical movement is a slogans intended to tempt of the working class. If the class struggle goes its own way, organizing and intensification of class struggle are the role of true Communists, although it is hard and exhausting. However, following the green movement by making it radical is way easier.
  Class Consciousness & Revolutionary Organisations - Programmatic Theses

  • Ten Theses on the Communist Project Today (Internationalist Comrades)
    Only the proletariat’s conscious struggle for its own emancipation can lead to the overthrow of capitalism and to the creation of a communist society.Communism is a radical project that emerges as a necessity from the real social relations and it draws its force from a rational and ethical liberating dictate: the constitution of the human species in a community, the creation of a universal society governed by the principle of justice, conceived as a universal relationship of equality and collectivity among people.

  • SOME BASIC PROGRAMMATIC THESES (Internationalist Comrades)
    In the present capitalist social system of exploitation of labour by capital, the conflict between productive forces and productive relations -which is due to the contradiction between the social character of production and the individual appropriation of wealth that is produced- is increasingly growing causing an intensity of social contradictions and a sharpening of struggle between the bourgeoisie and proletariat.

  • Class Consciousness & Revolutionary Organisations (CWO)
    The issue of “consciousness” is one of the most important for the working class and for revolutionaries. Behind it lies the really big questions, such as “How can capitalism be destroyed?”, and “Is the working class capable of creating a new society?”…
    It is our aim to address these and other questions here but not as abstract philosophy. Our approach will be unashamedly historical and attempt to draw out the real experience of the working class in its struggles of the last two centuries..