• Honour the memory of comrade Bernadette!
    It is with the greatest sorrow that the heart of an Internationalist, comrade Bernadette, stopped and International Communist Current has lost one of its members. Silence of an Internationalist that fought against the barbarity of capitalism, is not only a loss for the International Communist Current, but also for the working class, the left communist and all internationalists.

  • Solidarity with the Internationalist Communist Tendency
    Once again another important Communist Left organization has become the target of smear and discredit. Once again the most determined militants of the Communist Left accused of links with forces of the bourgeois state. Once again the values and principles of the Communist Left was dragged through the mud.

  • Communiqué to readers of the Internationalist Voice
    Internationalist Voice with regard to its basic political positions and as part of its responsibility and duty to propagate and expand internationalist positions publishes its texts in the sites of Internationalists.

  • Solidarity with the International Communist Current
    Internationalists, regardless of their convergence or divergence in the political positions must reject such actions and stress that they have zero tolerance for such acts.

  • The Islamic bourgeoisie repeat the «Night of Broken Glass (Kristallnacht)»!
    The working class of Iran cannot be indifferent to the fate of its class brothers and sisters. Collective punishment of a part of the working class by the Islamic bourgeoisie is an attack on the entire working class. We should rise up to defend our class brothers and sisters!

  • Support Internationalist Voice!
    A fundamental pillar of revolutionary work is to systematically intervene and provide a perspective for the development of the struggle of the working class. The existence of a revolutionary tendency, though very weak, is a manifestation of the antagonism between the social classes and is a barometer of the class struggle.

  • Message to the international meeting of the Internationalist Communist Tendency You are one of the currents that historically and organically rooted in the current that have defended of the communist positions during the blackest period of contra-revolution. This means that expectations of you are great and reasonable, especially when the left of capital is trying to mislead the working class by claiming that, by law the national state may reduce the damage of crisis

  • Stop discrediting of the left communist!
    Left communist including International Communist current, Internationalist Communist Tendency and its other tendencies unlike you national-leftists believe that the communist revolution is possible only in an international level. Publication of internationalist’s articles by the left of capital is only in their contra-revolutionary interests and in line with the formation of confusion and illusion within the political milieu.

  • Support the Solidarity call of the International Communist Current!
    The struggle of Turkish Proletariat as a part of the international class struggle must be stay alive and continue. Their struggle showed real class solidarity, a powerful weapon against capitalist attacks. Their class struggle, deserve the highest solidarity; we should be industrious to do our internationalist duty.

  • Long live workers' heroic resistance of Tekel!
    Proletariat of TEKEL have taken initiative and give its imprint to the events. Beside TEKEL workers, other sectors; sugar workers, firemen, health sector and students joined them. They have established an independent social force which is fighting for its own interests.

  • Neither Ahmadinejad nor Mosavi Long live class struggle!
    Capitalism is the origin of all misery and adversity in the world. Capitalism means, a real hell, not only for working class but also for all humanity. We must never forget that capitalist democracy and capitalist dictatorship are two sides of the same coin. Where the Goddess of Freedom stands, thousands of workers are unemployed and homeless. In the paradise of capitalism, where the social democratic governments have been in place for more than hundred years, unemployment has been a nightmare for working class.

  • Communiqué to our readers!
    Internationalists don’t believe for “copyright”. That is the responsibility and duty of them to propagate and expand of their ideas. However, publication of internationalist’s articles by the left of capital is only in their contra-revolutionary interests.

  • Honour the memory of comrade Jerry Grevin!
    Comrade Jerry: definitely you would agreed with us that persisting to the proletarian principles that you believed and struggling with the barbarity of the capitalist society that you fought, could be the best tribute´s memory of your dearest remembrance.