The proletariat of Baku need
to refer to its historical memory

Republic of Azerbaijan, in recent months, witnessed protests and demonstrations that the twentieth anniversary of the independence of this republic is being overwhelmed. In 11th and 12th of March 2011, despite tight security and massive police presence, demonstrations and wide protests took place in the central city square, "Square Fountains". Police and security forces brutally suppressed the protests, dozens were arrested and many were also injured. A few days later, students of the University of Baku through the social networks called for anti-government protests for the 23th March, 2011in front of the University. Police with a strong security measures prevented the protests were holding. Finally, protesters demonstrated on April 2, 2011, in the downtown of the city.[1] Hours after the protests, hundreds of riot force into the place of demonstration and arresting large numbers of demonstrators and began crackdown the protests. According to the abnormal economic and social situation, demonstrators were demanding the resignation of the government and freedom.

The protests are the consequences of the crisis of capitalism crisis, the crisis of capitalism is global and the international working class paying the price of the crisis, but important issue is that the consequences of the crisis play a major destructive role in the surrounding countries of capitalism than in the metropolis countries of capitalism.

The Republic is hereditary rule. "Heydar Aliyev" was caddied of the Stalinist security system, a head of the KGB and after his death, his son, "Ilham Aliyev" having the helm of the Republic and tried to strengthen the notorious police system and political and economic mafia system. Financial and administrative corruption in the Republic does oppression.

In Azerbaijan, in 2005, the source of oil and wealth, 24 percent of people were living below the poverty line [2] while the "palace" that the family of "Aliyev" purchased in the United Arabic Emirates is equivalent to the ten thousand years salary of an Azerbaijani worker.[3] In 2008, the inflation in Azerbaijan was 21 percent, in other words the working class and indigent segments of society becoming poor every day than the day before.

Nationalists and Islamists intended to restrict the protests in their purposes. Especially the protests are affected of democracy and freedom as well. Working class, the giant sleeping and has not yet awakened, however, occasionally the working class had to defend their livelihoods level; followings are few of them:

  • 16th March 2011worker of one of the biggest construction companies by the name of ”Akkord” went on strike because of some lay off and late payment of their salaries.

  • 25th November 2005, more than thousand workers of "McDermott" who built pipeline and oil platforms for the British Petroleum, in protest for low wages, inadequate working conditions, providing health insurance, etc. And finally went on strike.

  • In late February and early March 2004 the workers of pipeline “Baku-Tbilisi-Ceyhan” in protest to the working conditions and low salaries went on strike. The workers mentioned that “They treat us like slaves. We are unhappy about the pay. People get 90 dollars a month to work all hours, laying the pipeline in the rain."

  • 20th February 2008, workers and employees of railway of Baku due to dissatisfaction with the economic situation, went on strike and demanded for improvement of their economic situation and pay increase as well as on time salary payments.

  • 8th of January 2002, in the protest to rising price of oil products, doubling, in Azerbaijan, drivers of the public transport went on strike. Gasoline prices increased from 900 Manat to 1800 Manat. The strike disrupted by police.

Once, the proletariat of Baku, the exploited giant, this sleeping giant, was awake. Once the proletariat of Baku, as a part of the world proletariat especially in the years 1905 and 1917, had a guiding role and was a pioneer of world Communist Revolution. Yet reactionaries were not successful to promot the ethnic hatred between Armenians and Azeris. Once, time the reactionary Ottoman and Russian stats provoked the bloody and dirty war between Azeri and Armenian, in their reactionary interests and tried to act Azeri and Armenian workers as canon fodder in their imperialist interests. Once again, it was the proletariat of Baku that exposed the nature of this war and in reducing the carnage caused by the war was very effective.

Once, name of Baku was the deepest class solidarity. Azeri, Armenian, Georgian and Russian arm in arm, fought against the capital, with together formed the committee of factory, the strike committee and other proletarian committee. Once, promoting of proletarian literature and art work was a routine part of the proletariat of Baku. More importantly, the called Communist Committee of Baku indicated a level of maturity and class consciousness of the proletariat of Baku. The proletariat of Baku was an inspiration source for the proletariat in the region. The story of championship of the proletariat of Baku, the story of its battle was the symbol and theme of most exciting novels.

With defeat of the world revolution, the proletariat of Baku, as a gonfalonier part of the world revolution that was in the forefront of the battle, was attacked by counter-revolution. Counter-revolution was aware of the potential of the proletariat of Baku. So slaughtered cruelly the avant-garde of proletariat. The world revolution failed and proletarian was recessive. The Tsar was not killed so many communists that the communist murder (Stalin) was massacred. The same brutal exploitation, the same barbarism of capital but this time in the name of worker continued.

Heydar Aliyev, as a "security officer" kept the same barbarian, Stalinist system. In reward of his services and his servant, he received several medals of Stalinism. After the collapse of Stalinism, he changed and he became a free market defender. Street names changed, "Nobel" God of the oil in Baku, at the time of the Tsar, was re-named. Now, the son of Heydar Aliyev, is playing a leadership role of political and economic Mafia of Azerbaijan.

Proletariat of Baku!

Crisis of capitalism is global and they want our class pays the price for the of the exiting crisis that they made. As a result, they attack our level of livelihoods across the world on daily bases. There is no savior for the emancipation of wage slaves, our libration from wage slavery, is possible only by our own power. Again, waking up of the proletariat of Baku, the sleeping giant, not only horror on the Azeri bourgeoisie, but threw the region bourgeoisie. Proletariat of Baku, need to refer to its own historical memory, to its valuable experience of previous generations learn and make its communist organization. They need to be in line with the world communist revolution with more enthusiasm than before to engage its battles.

M. Jahangiry
9 April 2011

[1] Video films of protests can be found below:
  • March:
  • April: