If the assumption of “Communism is same as Stalinism” is twentieth century's greatest lie, the glorious October Revolution was as the biggest wonder in the twentieth century. Proletarian revolution of October opened a new horizon for the world proletariat. The horizon that brought down the barbarity system of capitalism around the world, and creating a world without exploitation and class, the communist world.

Stalinism rose on the ruins of the October Revolution, on the blood and bones of the communists that has been stuffed, gave its consolidation. Thousands of communists and workers have been deported, imprisoned and massacred who had made the October Revolution. All those people and real communist who made the revolution happen, world proletariats avant-garde.

The cause of failure of the October Revolution must be investigated and analysed in the failure of the wave of world revolution and in particularly the failure of German revolution, leading to the isolation of the October Revolution and then was lead to its decadence.

The internationalist legitimacy of this theory, the decline in the age of capitalism, imperialism era, an era in which all governments regardless of their size (large or small) are imperialist, communist revolution only at the international level is possible. This question proves the legitimacy of this theory of internationalists that in the decadence of capitalism, in the epoch of imperialism, an era in which all states regardless of their large and small are imperialists, the communist revolution only is possible internationally.

The bourgeoisie of German is one of the most robust castles of the world bourgeoisie. For the proletariat to capture it will not be easy as other bourgeoisie castles. Therefore, the cause of failure of the German Revolution is very important. It need to be analyze very carefully and in the meantime all the strengths and weaknesses of that has to be learned by the proletariat and revolutionaries. We believe, in this context, to attempt to translate a series of articles of the International Communist Current, will be very beneficial.

Internationalist Voice
12 July 2010