The first Communist Party of Iran, led by Avtis Sultan Zade, was formed under the influence of the October Revolution and a member of the Third International (Comintern) as well. After the international revolutionary waves failed that shook the world, Stalinism rose up on the ruins of the October Revolution. After Stalinists steeled their power, began to massacre the spearhead of the world proletariat between 1923 and 1917. Because of the physical relationship and strong bond between the Communist Party of Iran and the Communist Party of Soviet, "Iranian" Communists were among the first group those who massacred by Stalin's machine. One of the dearest one was Avtis Sultan Zade who was one of the communist movement's theorists. [1]

After that time, the history of Iran's left has been the history of political apparatus of the left of capital. Because the unquestioned dominance of the left of capital to the political milieu and absence of the proletarian and communist traditions, actions, deeds, ethics and principles of the political milieu of Iran, has been a reflection of the values of the left of capital. No wonder that at least 13 people were murdered by their friends, for different reasons, within the left of capital. [2]

The Internationalist positions, at the current situation, are setting of internationalist and proletarian principles in the Iran’s political milieu. To eliminate the influence of bourgeois and petty-bourgeois ideologies, tireless duties of internationalists should be to strive to strengthen the proletarian values which are a reflection of proletarian class consciousness. Learning lessons from the experiences of other internationalists that historically and organically rooted in the currents that have defended of the communist positions during the blackest period of contra-revolution is necessary for other internationalists. To transfer this experience, we translate “Thesis on Parasitism” in three parts and we hope this translation would be a step toward the consolidation of internationalist traditions.

Internationalist Voice
12 July 2010

[1] Avtis Sultan Zade who had an active role in the October Revolution was elected to membership of the Executive Committee of Comintern in the Second Congress of the Communist International. He had a closed relationship with Lenin, Bukharin, Trotsky, Zinoviev and etc. He had radical views in the national and colonial question. Although most of his works are in Russian, other parts are in German, French and English. A few of his works are in Persian language as well.

[2] Murders that took place are:
  • Four people were killed in the Organization of Iranian People's Fedayee Guerrillas between 1972 and 1977.
  • Four people were killed in the Marxist-Leninist branch of People’s Mojahedin Organization of Iran before 1979.
  • Five people were killed and five wounded in inner clashes of minority Fadaiyan in the territory that is under rule of Patriotic Union, 1985.