The Real Child of Stalinism

Table of Contents
  • The position of the working class and the formation of the Communist Party of China

  • The Communist International and the Chinese Revolution

  • Russia, stronghold of anti-revolution

  • The revolutionary struggle between 1927 and 1925

  • General Chiang Kai-shek’s coup and military expedition to the north

  • The uprising of the Shanghai proletariat

  • The revolutionary bourgeoisie massacred the working class

  • The destruction of the party of the working class

  • The Red Army and the leaders of the uprising

  • Trotsky and lessons learned from the experiences of 1927

  • The Communist Left and a lesson on China’s development

  • The scene of imperialist controversy

  • Great marching in the service of the Imperialist War

  • The reunification of the Chinese Communist Party with the Kuomintang

  • Wang Ming’s defeat and the appeasement of the United States

  • Mao’s domination over the Party and refining the opposition

  • The formation of state capitalism under the title of “The People’s Republic of China”

  • Crisis in the counter-revolutionary camp

  • Last word and conclusion