Stop discrediting of the left communist!

We have already announced that Internationalists don’t believe for “copyright”. That is the responsibility and duty of the Internationalists to propagate and expand their ideas and believes. However, a none identity political circle, by the name of “Workers” “communist” of Iran, has begun a systematic discrediting of the left communism. From one hand, without knowledge of the left-communist tendencies, they have published articles of the left communist, and on the other side they smeared Internationalists.

We have publically announced that publication of Internationalist Voice’s articles by “Workers” “communist” of Iran has been without our knowledge, permission and we don’t take any responsibility regarding that. The more obscene action of them was, stealing of the logo of the ICC and publishing as own.[1] Nevertheless, this none identity political group believes that the International Communist Current” has drawn to the deviation”.[2]

They have been publishing articles of Internationalists and simultaneously smear the internationalists, and wrote [3]:

“Unfortunately it is regrettable that by accepting the general communist revolution in the international level, without knowing that you have been following the opportunists, such as worker communist Hekmatist and revisionists such as Zarafshan, Rais dana and Amoei (the leader of the Tode Party who is leading the party inside the country [4]).” (Our translation)

Left communist including International Communist current, Internationalist Communist Tendency and its other tendencies unlike you national-leftists believe that the communist revolution is possible only in an international level. Publication of internationalist’s articles by the left of capital is only in their contra-revolutionary interests and in line with the formation of confusion and illusion within the political milieu. Therefore their function is only to serve to help the bourgeoisie to create a barrier between the new searching elements and the proletarian political milieu. Stop your discrediting of the left communist.

Internationalist Voice
20 June 2010

[1] See “Besooye Englab” No 30
[2] From response to the A’s letter, dated 26 December 2009
[3] As above
[4] Tode Party was (or is) a pro USSR party that who cooperated with the secret police of Iran in early 1980.