Support the Solidarity call
of the International Communist Current!

To elevate class struggle, workers from different distinct of Turkish Proletariat have formed "Platform of Struggling Workers". They need financial support to continue their struggle. The International Communist Current has created an opportunity for everyone who wants to help the “Platform of Struggling Workers” directly. It is our internationalist duty to encourage people to donate as much they can. We have attached a link which gives the necessary information that one need. Please visit the following link:

Turkey: Solidarity call for the "Platform of struggling workers"

Bourgeoisie's attacks are global - class struggle is a global phenomenon as well. The struggle of Turkish Proletariat as a part of the international class struggle must be stay alive and continue. Their struggle showed real class solidarity, a powerful weapon against capitalist attacks. Their class struggle, deserve the highest solidarity; we should be industrious to do our internationalist duty.

Long live class solidarity of workers!

Internationalist Voice
15 May 2010