Long live workers' heroic
resistance of Tekel!

To object to the anti-worker policy (4-C policy) of the Turkish state, thousands of workers of TEKEL enterprises have started a heroic struggle. Thousands of workers from all over the country, Turkey, have gathered in the capital city, Ankara, to defend with tooth and claw from their livelihoods despite brutal behaviour of the state police.

Proletariat of TEKEL have taken initiative and give its imprint to the events. Beside TEKEL workers, other sectors; sugar workers, firemen, health sector and students joined them. They have established an independent social force which is fighting for its own interests.

The main tasks of unions are, controlling of the working class and misleading of its class struggle. Workers independent struggle that is not led by the unions is a source of inspiration to the other workers in the world. As a result, the ghost of this class struggle that the bourgeoisie fears the most.

Your movement showed real class solidarity, a powerful weapon against capitalist attacks. No matter what language we speak, we have a common characteristic; we belong to the working class family.

We strongly support your heroic struggle. We don’t have anything to lose but our chains and a world to win!

Long live class solidarity of workers!

Internationalist Voice
23 January 2010


To read all the story of what happened so far in the Tekel struggle, please read the following link:

Solidarity with Tekel workers' resistance against government and unions!