Advancing in anti-immigrants
and Internationalist Positions


Anti-immigration parties, one by one entering into the European’s parliaments. Currently, they have been present in the parliaments of countries such as Austria, Holland, Denmark, Belgium, Sweden, and Italy ... and in other countries like Great Britain, France and Germany are also advancing.

France deporting Roma’s massively. Deportation of Afghan’s immigrants and refugees, and passing the most inhuman laws against workers with "Afghan origin”, has become a part of routine practice to the Iranian government. Greece systematically harasses and tortures refugees. Coast Guard destroys their boats; do mock execution and give the refugees electroshock. Italy deporting immigrants and refugees who put their lives on their hands and with extremely dangerous way at the boat trying to arrive to Italy, and so far has missed dozens of their lives. Anti foreign Lega Nord is in Berlusconi's government as one of his most important allied. The party is the mastermind behind a security package that criminalizes undocumented immigrants, Roma, and anyone who helps undocumented immigrants. In Sweden, “The Laser Man” tried to clean up the society of immigrants, and during the past year, has been shooting towards immigrants. As a result, he killed one person and wounded at least five people. [1]Turkish security police has been collectively massacring refugees and buried in mass graves.[2] In the UK and Germany..., all states are trying to save their civilization and nation from to be harmed from these devilish humans.

“The class which has the means of material production at its disposal has control at the same time over the means of mental production, so that thereby, generally speaking, the ideas of those who lack the means of mental production are subject to it. ... hence among other things rule also as thinkers, as producers of ideas, and regulate the production and distribution of the ideas of their age: thus their ideas are the ruling ideas of the epoch.” [3] The Financial Times newspaper has done a survey between 18 and 25 August 2010 and a part of it are as following:

Half of French people believe that immigration harms the economy of country. 57 percent of Germans believe that because of immigration the education system is damaged. Two thirds of Spain people believe that to find a job is become harder because of immigration. 64 percent of British claim that such level of immigration changing their country worse place to live.

The rise of racial theories

The racial theories of Adolf Hitler about Jews this time was introduced in other way. “Germany abolishes itself” is title for a book written by Mr. Thilo Sarrazin a former finance minister and member of the German central bank. The book has been among the best-selling books and had a hundred and fifty thousand copies are sold. In this book, he argues, Muslims are not only stupid but also are more aggressive and any other religion don’t have such relationship with violence, terrorism and dictatorship. He stated that the nation dumb by educated and intelligent Germans having fewer children while the uneducated and less intelligent immigrants - and particularly Muslims - gives birth to many more.

The real translation of brilliant believes of the old Social Democratic is to ruminate again the secreting of bourgeoisie ideologues that the smart people thanks their education and endeavour can reach the excellent position in the sociality and simple-minded and lazy people ultimately make up the ranks of the working class.

The problem of veil

Be introduced European civilization, its values and civil rights of women by immigrants and Islamists are in danger, so should the civilization and human values be defended against invading of barbarians. In this regard, the left wing of capital either defends democratic institutions or stands alongside of the most reactionary religious currents.

In 2004 the French politicians in intension of democracy and freedom’s will, wanted to defend the oppressed women's rights and wanted to announce that they can’t bearing the captivity of women in the civilization of bourgeois, so do not ban the Islamic veil in September 2004 and passed legislation banning the Islamic veil and French public schools executed the plan. The homemade left of capital homespun, Worker-communist Party of Iran was delighted of this decision of progressive bourgeoisie and they declared their support and wrote "We will defend of the French government bill. The bill is in its progressive way.

According to this argument, Margaret Thatcher, Angela Merkel, Hillary Clinton and others who are secular, are precedence over a worker that she has headscarf.

Worse than that, the left of capital like other fractions of capital give false identities to humans such as secular, religious, indigenous, immigrant and so, and their class identity eclipsed by this false identities.

Instigate this demagoguery that stats can through the passing of motions, can improve the living standards of working class. But the main task of national state is organizing of exploitation of working and to defend of its own bourgeois’ interests against the competing countries’ bourgeois.

The role of the West
in strengthening of the Islamic movements

A new wave of Anti-immigration, after September 11 terrorist actions, is assumed a violent and aggressive form. After World War II atmosphere against immigrants, especially Muslims and non-European descent have not been so inhumane. Immigrants present are the sources to all misery, ravages and problems in the society, including potential terrorists. All immigrants considered to be Muslims while big parts of Immigrants are victims of Islam. If when terrorism was a representation of rebellion for the petty bourgeois tendencies, but in our epoch terrorism has become as a part of the imperialist functions of states in their competition and pony with each others.

The basic question, raised, is which role has played the West Block in the formation and strengthening of the Islamic movements. During the Cold War, the West, particularly USA, Great Britain and France have played an important role in the formation and strengthening of Islamic movements in order to advance its own imperialist goals. Any Islamic movement would not be find if these states were not involved. In the same way as the East bloc for its imperialist objectives would support national movements. Only a few are mentioned:
  • Great Britain in line with its imperialist policies in the late decade of the 20th helped to formation of Ikhwan al-Muslimun and then strengthened it to expand itself to almost all Islamic countries.

  • You can’t find any Islamic Group that USA has not been involved either in its formation or strengthening of it. USA helped to formation of the Armed Islamic Group (AIG) in Algeria and then strengthened it. USA had an important role in the formation of jihadi groups across the Islamic countries. One of the most notorious groups that pet of the USA is Taliban of Afghanistan. The irony of history is that the groups pet of the USA, are now against it. [5]

  • To reduce the influence of Palestine Liberation Organization, Israel helped to formation of Hamas and Ahmed Yassin and then strengthened it.
Another basic question that arises is. Do other religions less reactionary than Islam? Do Christianity and Judaism are more progressive than Islam? What is the role of Hinduism in the Caste System? Systematic child abuse and paedophile scandal in the Catholic Churches throughout the world and it is still going on, which of us have forgotten the role of Catholism and contemporary Pope in World War II. Religion regardless of the kinds, as a part of the superstructure of the class system, serving the ruling class. In fact, all religions are reactionary.

Which civilization?

Western politicians and bourgeois and anti immigrants expressing that civilization and human values must be defended against invading of barbarians. Have they become worried about the civilization? Which civilization? This civilization is not the civilization of working class. This is a civilization of bourgeois. This is the same civilization that after the defeat of the Commune of Paris drew thousands of proletarian to blood.

This is the same civilization that twice has drawn the proletariat to the imperialist slaughter of World War. This is the same civilization that bombed innocent people with atomic bombs. This is the same civilization that because of the competition between its founders, civilized barbarians, French, on the one hand and Britain and America on the other hand 800,000 people were massacred in Rwanda and did not make any the slightest upset at the Democrats and the civilized conscience. Because conscience is also a class phenomenon as well. Even associations that defending of animals rights did not care about this human disaster.

War, exploitation, unemployment, inflation and so are the blessings of this civilization. This civilization smells blood, dirt and stink. More importantly, this civilization is the same civilization that has given legitimacy to wage slavery. No, this is not the civilization of proletariat and the aim of proletariat is destruction of bourgeois civilization and replacing it with its own civilization in which "In place of the old bourgeois society, with its classes and class antagonisms, we shall have an association, in which the free development of each is the condition for the free development of all."[7]

Role of "immigrant" workers who are building the society

After the civilized barbarians drew the proletariat into the imperialist slaughter of World War II, the reconstruction of the ruins resulting from World War II, bourgeoisie needed the immigrant labour force. Without immigrant labour force reconstruction of ruins resulting from World War II was not possible. Right now stared cleanliness and impudence beauties of Tehran, London, Paris and others cities are thanks to the “immigrant” worker, otherwise garbage and dirt could be major problems for them. Currently, without “immigrant” worker, it impossible takes care of the elderly in Western Europe. Without “Afghan” workers, and their suffer from hard work, the construction of the big building would not be possible and without them the current Tehran would not be as is today. Immigrant worker is the most suffering and underprivileged part of the working class.

Immigrant worker, this free slave has to do the hardest works that indigenous workers do not willing to do. Humiliating, insulting, inferiority are a daily part of migrant worker’s life. It seems, has become accustomed to the real and earthly hell. Hell, if you land it is accustomed. Night weepy and mentally tired, throws to his home his movable corpse to begin again yesterday’s suffering, humiliation and insults of yesterday to start again in new day. Machines with meat and skin that will repeat this cycle to be depreciated and then are outside of the workforce. The lives story of these free slaves, expressive a huge of suffering that this part of the working class will suffer.

Reasons for growth of xenophobic

Xenophobic is part of the superstructure of class society that with the formation of national states and nations that is a product for growth of capitalism, has followed with national pride, and assumed a particular formation. In the periods that bourgeoisie need a cheap labor force is trying to adjust this issue but in the periods when the capital flouncing in its crisis, trying to present immigrant workers as a part of reason for the crisis of capitalism and in these times is that insiders and outsiders are more visible. For example, only in Great Britain five hundred thousand jobs from public sector will diminish.

Internationalism and the role of working class

The ideologues of bourgeoisie champing the priority of nation and telling that the class solidarity of workers is not more than a myth and cannot happen in reality. Working class in its struggle to defend of its class identity cannot avoid of its class brothers and sisters’ exploit that have “immigrant” origin and consider the “immigrant” worker causes of its unemployment, misery, less salary and etc.

This phenomenon is incredible, workers that until yesterday, supposed class siblings that also cause unemployment and misery, or even thought own enemy, with the intensification of class struggle, suddenly become so intimate, as if they are a single family. They create the most glorious internationalist and class unity that challenge all institutions of the bourgeoisie. Just to mention two examples.

Today on one hand the Israeli butchers slaughtering Palestinians innocent people and on the other hand Palestinian religious criminal factions killing Israelis innocent people. In 1947, Arabs and Jews workers hand in hand with their class solidarity was organized strike in Haifa and in direction of their class solidarity to help workers families with gathering. It was the Arab and Jewish bourgeoisie that with help of Great Britain bourgeois broke the labor strike. The Kurdish child in the Turkish Kurdistan every morning should show his tongue to his school teacher, to show that he is not touched Kurdish. During the Tekel workers’ protests, which represent the most glorious of class solidarity, “Kurdish” worker danced for “Turkish” worker, ridiculing the greatness of Pan-Turkism and as the same time saying NO to the Kurdish bourgeois and nationalism.

Bourgeoisie tries to divide the working class to break down its class unity, to exploit the proletariat better. Native workers against “immigrant” workers, black against white, Asians to Europeans, Spaniards against the Americans and so on. Nevertheless, no matter what color our skin is or what language we speak, we have a common characteristic that we belong to the working class, and nation is foreign to us. Therefore, we are raising our voice and say, class against class.

Internationalist already said that "The working class is a class of immigrants." In this context, attempt to translate articles from the Internationalist Communist Tendency, and International Communist Current can help to clarify the internationalist positions.

Internationalist Voice
4 December 2010


[1] In the Malmö city of Sweden, “The Laser Man” has shooting fifteen times towards people with immigrant origin, which killed one person and wounding at least five people. He was worried that immigrants would take over the sociality and should be cleared.

[2]In a Crime that was revealed in a recent Turkish police has murdered forty refugees in 1997, in the region Yüksekova and buried in mass graves. Details of this crime can be read in the Turkish newspaper SABAH dated 11 May 2010, the original title is:
“Eski uzman, gizli tanýk oldu: 40 mülteciyi öldürüp gömdük”

[3] The German Ideology - Karl Marx

[4] Interview of Women's liberation magazine with Mina Ahadi, January 2004

[5]For more information about the USA’s role in the formation and strengthen of Islamic groups, can be read the book “DEVIL’S GAME” (two-volume) by Robert Dreyfuss an American journalist. His analyze and views are reactionary and cannot be acceptable, but information presented in the book is readable.

[6] Manifesto of the Communist Party - Marx/Engels