Message to the international meeting of the
Internationalist Communist Tendency

Dear comrades!

We salute to your international assembly. Your convention is holding when the capitalism is in its deepest crisis in the history and this is the main reason why they are attacking working class’s living standard around the world. It is not the peripheral states of the capitalism that are suffering, but its most economically developed and advanced countries, the metropolitan states that working class pays the price.

You are one of the currents that historically and organically rooted in the current that have defended of the communist positions during the blackest period of contra-revolution. This means that expectations of you are great and reasonable, especially when the left of capital is trying to mislead the working class by claiming that, by law the national state may reduce the damage of crisis. No, not at all. To respond the tasks and needs that demands of the situation lay great responsibility on the internationalists and especially to you, analyzing of situation and providing practical solutions and addressing a forward direction to the proletariat. We wish you our best in your convention.

Communist Greetings
Internationalist Voice
26 November 2010